Information about our Baby Room

Settling in

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your baby in nursery for the first time. In order to give you peace of mind, we ask you and baby to come in for a few visits before you start. This gives you an opportunity to meet our friendly staff and for you all to experience what life is like in the baby room.

At any time, our staff will be happy to talk with you regarding your child and will help to reassure you or address any concerns you may have.

In the baby room, we fill in a daily diary, which lets you know what your child has been doing that day.

More Information…

Within the baby room, we aim to give the children the best start to nursery life and education that we can.

In the baby room, we have a weekly planning routine, which includes selecting the toys for each day and the activities for the week. We try to ensure we provide a wide selection of toys, activities and experiences to stimulate your child and to encourage learning and understanding.

Our activities promote all developmental areas within the foundation stage including: Physical, social, emotional. intellectual, language, creative and imaginative development.

We understand that every child is an individual, with individual needs, and to promote a smooth transition from home to nursery, we endeavour to follow any routines baby may have at home.

In the baby room, we provide a high standard of care and love, to each and every child, through cuddles and interaction, helping to develop strong bonds and friendships, with carers and children alike.

Baby Room Staff

Claire Singer (Room Leader, DCE level 3)

Laura Flood (DCE level 3)

Chandel Stuckey (Nursery Assistant)

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