Information about our Pre-School Room

In Pre-school we do an individual assessment of each child at the end of each term, using the early years foundation stage. Once the assessment has been completed at the end of each term, we will provide you with an informal written ‘report’ to let you know how your child is getting on and what areas we are focusing on next.

In pre-school, we aim to give the children the best start to “big school” that we can.

Our aim is to continue to develop your child’s learning through a fun and interesting programme of activities, using the early years foundation stage in all activities, to develop new skills that will enable the children to develop to their full potential and for the transition to “big school” to be as smooth as possible.

In pre-school, we are more structured than in the other rooms and that is reflected in the activities we are now introducing. One of the main things we introduce are the ‘jolly phonics’, which introduce letters and the alphabet to your child in fun and friendly way, using actions, pictures and through their own alphabet book, where they cut and stick the sound of the week and an image that begins with that sound. The “jolly phonics” system is used in the primary schools and uses the actual letter ‘sound’ rather than the name, which encourages the child to sound out and read simple words, when they are ready.

We also continue to develop the children’s understanding of numerals and number recognition, and aim for the children to recognise numerals and their quantity up to 10, (hopefully to 20, and above!)

How you can help:

  • Talk! – Talk about their day and what they have learnt. This helps to reinforce the learning and gets them to use the skills outside the classroom environment.
  • Games – are a great way of challenging your child to learn and improve different skills, aswell as providing opportunities for social interaction introducing rules. Everything from snakes and ladders to eye spy, and hide and seek!
  • Independence- it can be frustrating when you’re in a hurry and they insist on ‘doing it themselves’ but encouraging them to complete simple tasks themselves builds confidence and will help them greatly when they get to school.
  • Talk to us! – if you have any concerns or just want to know how your child is getting on come and talk to us. This will help us to provide the best opportunities for your child.

Pre-school Room Staff

Katie Prigent – ( DCE Level 3 & Undertaking HNC Level 4)

Jenny Domaille – ( Undertaking Level 3)

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