We Believe In Keeping Children Physically & Mentally Engaged

In Toddlers, we continue to assess the children using the foundation stage guidelines, which will be completed at the end of your child’s year with us.

In Toddlers our aim is to build on the foundation laid down by the Baby Toddler Room and to help your child prepare for the more structured environment of pre-school.

Our emphasis is still on learning through play, however we are beginning to encourage the children to participate in more complex activities which therefore helps them to extend their skills, while maintaining a fun and happy environment.

In Toddlers, we further the child’s language and communication skills, by introducing simple french words into their vocabulary, through the circle time activity. As with Baby Toddlers, it is an opportunity for us to sit together as a group and talk to each other, however this time we introduce french words for hello/goodbye, please/thank you, colours and numbers.

We also encourage the children this year to be able to identify their own name and we begin to look at the letters in them. We will introduce more complex creative activities, like the use of scissors!

How You Can Help:

  • Encourage them to use a fork and spoon together, then a knife when they are able. This allows them to feed themselves and helps them to become more independent.
  • Sharing and turn taking games are great at introducing ‘rules’ to the children and help to promote social skills, as well as being fun.
  • Encouraging your child to put on their own coat, gives them a sense of achievement, builds confidence and allows them to develop their own independence. By the end of the year most of the children should be able to attempt simple fastenings e.g. zips.
  • Encourage your child to use a ‘big’ cup, one without a lid.

Toddler Room Staff

Emma DeCarteret – (DCE level 3)

Hannah Greenfield – (Unqualified Assistant)

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