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Baby Unit Key Worker FAQs

Your child will have their own Key Worker

What is a Key Worker?

A Key Worker is one member of staff who is assigned to both you and your child and is responsible for the majority of your child’s needs through out the day, for example, feeding, changing, putting down for sleeps, playing with and observing. She will also be responsible for your child’s daily diary and journey book. We take into account your child’s preferences when assigning them to a Key Worker, as just as we as adults find it easier to form bonds with some people more than others, so do babies.

The benefits for your child are that a Key Worker:

  • Helps the baby to become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within it.
  • Makes sure that within the day to day demands of the nursery, each child for whom they have a special responsibility feels special and individual, cherished and thought about by someone particular while they are away from home.
  • Supports the child to experience a close relationship that is affectionate and reliable

The benefits for you are that a Key Worker:

  • Ensures parents have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with ‘someone’ rather than ‘all of them’ working in the nursery.
  • Brings peace of mind and the possibility of building a partnership with professional staff who may share with them the pleasures and stresses of child-rearing.

Are there any disadvantages?

There are a few challenges but no true disadvantages. Some parents worry that their baby will become more attached to their key worker than to them. This concern seems to based on the idea that there is a fixed amount of attachment to go around and if children have more of it at nursery, there is bound to be less at home. In fact, it seems to work the other way around: attachments at home and in the nursery support each other.

Will my child’s Key Worker be the only one to care for them during the day? What about staff sickness/holiday?
Your child’s Key worker will work very hard to provide as much of the above mentioned care to your child on a day to day basis, but there will be times such as lunches and shifts patterns where it will not be possible. We are very lucky here at Little Angels that our nursery is based upon small numbers and a very homey feel. Because of this, even with an assigned Key Worker, your child will still have lots of contact with other members of staff making them comfortable to be under their care until their Key Worker returns.

How does this impact my relationship with the staff?

We are all here to help you in any way we can and we especially encourage you to develop a one to one relationship with your child’s Key Worker. Our staff shifts are as follows and should in most cases enable to you to be able to speak to your child’s key worker at least once per day.


Week 1- early shift 7:30-4:30
Week 2- late shift 9-6


Week 1- late shift 9-6
Week 2- early shift 7:30-4:30


always 8.30-5.30

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

All the best

The Baby Unit Team