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Jenny Domaille

Jenny Domaille

Pre-school Nursery Assistant


Completing my Level 3

How long have you worked at Little Angels?

I joined Little Angels in January 2010 which was originally only a 6 month temporary contract but luckily for Little Angels and me fulltime position became available!

All about me:

I live at home with my Dad and crazy dog Alfie; we are only a two minute walk from the beach which is the perfect location. I spend a lot of my spare time going out with friends, whether it is letting our hair down over a few drinks, ‘Movie Nights In’ or going out for meals, I love to socialise. People would describe me as quite loud, hardworking, fun and caring. I spend a lot of spare time baby sitting and have a regular family from the nursery that I baby sit for on a weekly basis. I also enjoy ‘Zumba’ and I have always had a big passion for singing and used to be the singer in a small band which I loved. You can often hear me in the Pre-school room singing along to various CD’s to the children, I just can’t help myself!!